The Qualities Of A European Oak Floor

The Qualities Of A European Oak Floor

Investing in beautiful flooring offers many years of aesthetics from its high shine to its durable surfaces against regular traffic. A European oak floor has become increasingly popular as an addition for the home owing to its ability to withstand regular traffic and striking grain. Learn the benefits of the dynamic floor and whether this incredible wood material is suited to your property.

The oak floor is a stable and lasting type of floor that has become a desirable choice for domestic and commercial purposes. More homeowners are steering away from the traditional types of wood floors and moving towards materials that add a unique charm and character to the space. The attractive feature of European oak is in the grain as it provides a natural mixed grain that is unlike other styles of wood flooring.

Modern wood floors include the natural knots, grains and patterns of the original wood making it a truly unique addition. Spaces are instantly enhanced and a warmth, charm and character determined for areas that were previously cold and dark. The pieces of these types of floors may not present with a uniform appearance but it certainly produces a unique aesthetic.

For living spaces including entertainment areas and bedrooms, the inclusion of solid wood flooring delivers ease of maintenance and aesthetics. The modern and appealing style of floor is exceptional and dynamic making it the best choice for homes and commercial properties looking to invest in solid materials for floors. Knots in the wooden panels add beautiful detail but floors can be stained to produce the desired shade.

These styles of wood floors are available in various stains ensuring that it best complements the appearance of the interior. Beautifully stained wooden flooring is becoming a trend for the modern home ensuring that all areas are properly covered and the appropriate steps applied to create a uniform result. Never compromise on the standard of workmanship provided in the installation of wooden floors.

To achieve the longevity of European floors, a seal must be applied to the slats to protect against scuffs, marks and costly scratches. The seal provides an added benefit of a shine across the surface leaving floors gleaming and decreasing the level of maintenance needed. It is a protective solution and delivered by a professional floor installation company.

If you are interested in the installation of European wood floors, oak provides an incredible charm and natural character that you will not find with other materials.The soft grain and mix of pattern is a unique addition making for a truly interesting surface. Woods are available in various grades and should be carefully assessed to determine the most effective options.

An oak floor in its European grade is a beautiful and valuable addition ensuring the longevity of wood based floors for the home and the commercial space. While these floors benefit from care, it can withstand the test of time when installed professionally and when a protective seal is applied. Learn of the benefits provided with the impressive style of flooring and ways it can enhance the interior.


Here Are Facts About Oak Floor

Here Are Facts About Oak Floor

The use of wood, especially hardwood to make floors is a practice that has not started now. Oak in particular is a kind of hardwood that is in wide usage in the making of flooring. Its hardness is what makes it a suitable choice. The glow of the wood is warm and golden in color, with an interesting grain structure. As such, oak floor is one of the best choices out there that one can choose.

One of the reasons why hardwoods like oaks are preferred by many homeowners is because it is trendy and stylish despite being in use for all those years. New styles and trends keep[ coming up while the old ones seem to continue being attractive and never going out of fashion. Hardwood remains relevant because it offer a connection between the interior space and the outdoor world. It offers homeowners the feeling of a forest and a sense of a densely thicketed wood.

Hardwood floorings are different and unique in every way. Every board, strip, or plank is a unique work of nature, with unique colors and patterns. This ensures that every installation is one of a kind and no two plants can have the exact same colors and patterns.

Hardwood is a very suitable material for installing as flooring large rooms that have large open floor spaces. That is because wood has a way of offering grains and patterns that break the monotony of rooms as opposed to other material. As it takes away monotony, it also infuses design and interest into spaces. Every installation is an addition of beauty to space.

Installation of oak flooring will require a lot of site preparation before, during, and after installation. Maintenance must also be done regular as instructed by the manufacturer to maintain the product in good condition and to boost durability before delivery of the timber to site, all works on the surface must be complete and the surface left to dry well. Some of the tasks that must be finished in advance include plastering, decorating, and screeding.

The surface must be watertight and have a relative humidity level of 40 to 60 percent. The temperature of the room also needs to be kept at 18 degrees Celsius. All areas that may lead to dampness must be sealed using approved liquid damp proof systems. Sheet-type moisture vapor barriers may also be used.

Installation can be done by gluing the timber on the surface or it may be installed on batterns. Before gluing timber down on the surface, an epoxy moisture barrier of good quality should be applied first. Each individual piece of timber must be glued separately and completely before being placed on the surface. There are two options for gluing, that is, full bond and glue stripes. The choice between these two depends on board thickness, board width, and site condition among others.

When installing, it is important to leave enough space between solid timber boards to counter effects of winter when humidity level increases. Too much humidity often causes boards to expand and if the space between boars is not enough, damage may be caused. Thus, the installer must understand microclimate in the area to be aware of how much space they need to leave between boards.

Tips On Working With An Engineered Wooden Floor

Tips On Working With An Engineered Wooden Floor

When selecting flooring for a house, individuals need to consider durability. This may mean spending a lot of money to get the right kind, but it will surely be worth it. The floor needs to be easy to maintain. The preferred method of cleaning needs to be simple as this will make it possible to maintain a nice and fresh look. The information below describes the installation and maintenance required for an engineered wood flooring.

Prepare the surface that you intend to work on. There is a possibility that your previous design in that area was demolished recently. If there is any residue from it such as nails or any material left behind, it should be removed. To ensure the place is clean, sweeping is necessary to do away with dirt particles. The floor can then be washed using soap and water. It should be thoroughly dry before any work continues.

Place tar paper over the clean area. This is meant to form a base for where the engineered wood will be placed. The sheets of paper can be glued or stapled down depending on the method that will secure it most. Individuals should ensure that after placing the paper, there is an even finish. The tar paper acts as a moisture barrier hence preventing any possible rotting on the wood.

Prepare the planks that you want to use. They usually come packed in boxes. Individuals need to open up many boxes to examine the material before beginning to place them. There may be a slight color variation in every package. This is natural when handling wood products. The best solution is mixing the pieces from different packages to achieve a great mismatched look.

Gather up the necessary tools and begin the installation. Start working from a corner by placing a row along the longest wall. Work left to right placing one piece after the other. The tongue should be against the wall while the groove should face the side of the room. Expansion spacers need to be used to allow an expansion gap of ten micrometers. This is important for the changes that take place during different seasons.

Clean the surface on a daily basis for maintenance. Sweeping is a simple way to do this. It gets rid of dust and dirt that may be lying around. A vacuum cleaner can also do a great job during clean up. For mopping the floors, a cloth made of microfiber is the best choice. Excessive water can be damaging to the wood. For this reason, any spills that occur need to be wiped off immediately.

Place the mats and rugs on the surface. These are perfect when placed near the entrance to the house. Visitors take off their shoes before getting inside and wipe off their feet. This prevents pebbles and excess dirt from landing on the floor. The surface will also be free from wear because the carpet serves as a cover.

Wear appropriate shoes when in the house. Ladies need to avoid wearing heels when at home. The pressure from their shoes will cause some damage to the floor. Spiky shoes should also be avoided as they scratch the surface, therefore, wearing out the top layer.

Getting The Perfect Surround For European Fireplaces

A fireplace surround is also commonly referred to as a chimney piece or fireplace mantle. In many houses the surround on European fireplaces is the focus in a living room. These surrounds can offer the opportunity to design the room with a statement pieces and there is something available to suit all rooms and also all budgets.

If you are looking for a surround then it is important to look for something that is functional as well as stylish, European fire surrounds will offer both of these. There is two main types of surrounds which is either the traditional style or contemporary style.

The classic designs are normally made from either stone or marble. These designs incorporate columns but these will depend on the area where they are manufactured. These fireplaces tend to rather large and they can in some cases cover the whole of the wall. Another European design for fire surrounds is ones that are wall mounted and the fire can be added into these ones.


Unlike the traditional styles of fireplaces the modern ones have the ability to add a more streamlined look and they are often made from stainless steel. The use of stainless steel make the fire surround stronger and they require very little maintenance. These fireplaces can be installed at any height on the wall, therefore it is possible to customise the room that you are putting it in.There are a few things that you should consider prior to getting your fire surround and these are include the material, the size of the surround, amount of budget available and the style. When it comes to choosing the material for the surround, you will need to decide if you want limestone, marble, fine woods or granites. It is important to choose the material which best suits your house.The size of the surround is another thing that does matter and it is important to bear in mind the size of room where it is getting installed. Choose a surround which is work best and look right in the space that you have available. The amount of budget that you have available is also a very important thing that consider, therefore make sure you know how much is available prior to shopping for a surround.If you are the type of person that likes to change their rooms decor often it will be a good idea to go for a style that is neutral as this will avoid the problem of having a surround that does not look right or having to get a new one everything you change decor. These surrounds can be rather expensive therefore it is worth getting something that is going to last for a while.

If you are looking for a very special fire surround then take time to look around and really find the one that you want. In some cases it might be a good idea to get advice from an interior designer as they will be able to assist with finding the best one that will work in the room that you are putting it into.