What You Should Know About Marble Flooring

Marble tile is a natural floor surface covering which is usually quarried from mountains. It is known for its style, beauty and elegance, and is a luxurious option for interior finishes. Marble needs to be treated regularly so that it is protected against spills or moisture. When considering marble floor tile  it will be important to know the different benefits and shortcomings.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the floors is that they are able to instantly elevate appearance of a house. This is in addition to the fact that they are available in a number of colors and in various mixes. This means they are able to provide flexible options for different decorative schemes. The tiles are able to be cut into different shapes such as rectangles and triangles, and in different sizes. This creates a complex mosaic installation.

Uniqueness is also an important benefit. The fact that it is a product of the earth means that each marble tile that is used for floors is one of a kind. Therefore, there will be no other one like it all over the world. With more colored appearances, shifts and changes will be more subdued and subtle but still present. This makes floors to stand out. Also, marble is able to take very high polish. It gets silky smooth when treated in the right way. This gives it a sophisticated look.


Marble Flooring
Marble Flooring


Whenever you install marble, you will need to have a least an extra box full of extra material. This should be kept in storage. This will make it possible and easy to replace tiles easily if they crack or break. They might also become stained. This is more cost effective than having to replace the entire floor. In case extras are not maintained, it will be difficult to find good color match to the ones that were installed.

There are also some shortcomings of the material. Even though marble is essentially a rock, it is relatively soft and can get scratched and scraped. This is if it is handled wrongly. This is mostly true in the event that the material gets polished because imperfections are more noticeable in the flat and smooth surface. Scratches are unfortunately not easy to repair without entire replacement.

Water damage is a serious side effect. Being a natural stone, it is porous and prone to penetration by water. It can also get stained by colored liquid agents. This is able to be prevented by application of a chemical below surface penetrating sealer. There should also be a barrier above the sealer. This is done after installation. This should however be done annually for best results.

The pricing of marble should be considered. Marble is priced accordingly. They are considered as high-range and are a bit costly. This is besides the fact that they have shorter lifespan. They also come with a very slick and slippery surface. This might be a hazard for accidental falls.

Marble is generally a good flooring product. They are easy to clean and chances of getting stained are low. Other than the shortcomings, it is a popular product.

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