Strategies For Keeping Your Marble Stone Tiles In Excellent Condition

Certain property additions can have long-lasting values and appeal. This is certainly the case with marble stone tiles, which have long been associated with things like opulence and luxury. If you have these in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom or living room areas, there are a number of things that you will need to do to keep them in excellent condition. The tips that follow are guaranteed to help.

When floors are comprised of marble tiles Sydney, make sure that you never sweep them. This could lead to scratches and other aesthetic problems given that brooms will only drag abrasive materials across the surfaces. Instead, use a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner with hose attachment.

A hand-held vacuum is far preferable to one that must be rolled across the surface of your tiles. Keep in mind that all of your cleaning equipment can cause some manner of aesthetic and structural damages. You also want to make sure that no hoses or other elements of this equipment are allowed to drop onto or drag across these surfaces. Once all of the dirt and debris have been sucked up, you will be ready to lightly mop your floors with an appropriate stone cleaner.

One of the most important things to note about this material is the fact that it is incredibly porous. As such, you will need to make sure that not acidic solutions are allowed to seep into it. This is what leads to etching, which is a problem that will require either professional restoration for the affected areas, or an actual tile replacement. This is especially important to remember in kitchen counter areas.

If you have counters that are made form this material, always use cutting boards. You do not want to place lemons or other citrus fruits on these surfaces as this is virtually guaranteed to lead to etching. You can also have a separate island that is reserved specifically for cutting if you believe that this is the safest way to preserve your granite.

Try not to use regular household cleaning agents on these surfaces given that these products may cause more harm than good. The best solutions to use will be offered by stone care companies or other parties that have a keen understanding of the nature and nuances of natural stone. You can ask your installer for recommendations on the best products to use.

It is also a good idea to limit the number of homemade solutions that you are using on these surfaces. While you can certainly find a number of popular household tops and hacks for cleaning these surfaces, it may not be worth the risk to use them. Although you might save a bit of cash upfront, you could wind up spending far more in restorations and repairs as time goes by.

When having these materials installed in your home, be sure to ask your installer for care instructions. These will be specific to the type of stone that you have, your local area, and the portion of the home in which the tiles are present. Stone materials that are installed in high traffic areas may require a different level of care than those that are placed in areas that get less use.


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