Safe And Acceptable Cleaning Strategies For Your Marble Floor Tiles

Some of the most opulent flooring selections are also among the easiest to care for. If you have opted to install marble floor tiles in your home, you likely enjoy the luxurious look and feel of these surfaces. Despite requiring very simple maintenance, however, these surfaces are also quite easy to damage. As such, you should follow these safe and acceptable cleaning strategies in order to preserve the value and integrity of this important investment throughout the years.

One thing to note about these surfaces is that you really shouldn’t sweep them. Although the broom itself is unlikely to cause damage to marble, dragging rough, abrasive materials across it via the sweeping motions you use can result in gouges, scratches and other aesthetic blemishes that could result in the need for costly repairs. This is way people do best to vacuum debris up before attempting to mop or wipe their flooring down.

Stone Tiles - Marble Matters

When using a vacuum on these surfaces, you also want to make sure that you are not dragging any heavy equipment or potentially sharp attachment across the floors. As such, consider using a small, hand-held vacuum and make sure that the attachments for the unit are securely clipped on. This will allow you to pick up small, sharp shards and other materials before these are ground directly into the stone or raked across it.

Once the floor is free of debris, you should consider wiping it down with a damp mop or microfiber cloth. This is especially important to do on floors that are in high-traffic areas. One thing to note is that you do not want to use an excessive amount of water or any acidic, abrasive or strong cleaning solutions.

A lot of web users have recommended creating homemade cleaning products given that these are cheap and do not contain a lot of chemicals. You should know, however, that even the most basic of household cleaning items can actually result in problems like etching. For instance, you never want to put lemon juice, or any other citrus juices or oils on these surfaces. The acids in these substances will degrade the surface of the natural stone.

There are a number of companies that produce their own natural stone cleaners. You can shop for these solutions online while taking care to select products that reflect the specific needs of the type of tile you own. You can also speak with the manufacturer or installer of your floor in order to get a product recommendation.

Another important thing to do is to cover high traffic areas as best you can through the placement of floor rugs or mats. This will limit the amount of dust and other debris that these surfaces are exposed to. Be sure to check and vacuum beneath these on a regular basis as well so that sharp materials are not being ground into the stone.

Finally, if there are ever any serious stains or other problems with your floors, make sure to reach out to professionals right away. Addressing these issues early on will often limit the overall costs of resolving them. More importantly, it may even help you identify the underlying causes of developments so that you can avoid more of them in the future.


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